Reviewing the 2023 Tree Care Industry Expo (TCIExpo)

Posted by Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. on Nov 20, 2023 4:09:58 PM

TCIExpo highlighted the tree care and arbor industry with engaging demonstrations, thought-provoking educational sessions, and...

TCIExpo highlighted the tree care and arbor industry with engaging demonstrations, thought-provoking educational sessions, and hands-on product testing opportunities.

TCIExpo 2023

This past week the Tree Care Industry Association held its annual educational conference and trade show and industry professionals showed up in droves to learn, network and get a look at new products.

From hand-held equipment, such as chain saws, to climbing equipment, safety gear, small chippers, stump grinders, lifts, and large telescoping cranes, there was a lot to see. And demonstrations and competitions of all types kept attendees engaged and enthralled.

As a first-time event attendee, it was fun to watch the climbers and the others who participated in the learning sessions and equipment demonstrations. We watched folks play tic-tac-toe using a grappling hook, watched a guy test an aerial tracked lift and drop parachuting plastic army guys into a container while he was 40+ feet high in the bucket of the lift. There were opportunities to run chain saws, test climbing gear and show off climbing skills.

Safety First

I was amazed at the breadth and scope of equipment and gear used in the tree care and arbor industry, but noticed that first and foremost, safety is paramount. A great many of the sessions focused on safety, and even if the main focus wasn’t safety, safety was always mentioned.

Learning and Education Credits 

Many in attendance were earning their continuing education units (CEU) to maintain their certifications and safety endorsements. There was a 3 ½ day conference agenda as well as sessions taking place in the expo hall. In many instances all the seats were filled and people were standing in the aisles to listen, watch and learn. Sessions fell into the following categories:

  • Business Operations
  • Tree Care and Health
  • Safe Use of Equipment
  • Safe Climbing Techniques

One gentleman I spoke with told me he would spend at least half of his time at the show in sessions. His main purpose in attending was to learn to continue to improve and grow his business. He was dressed just as he would be dressed if he was going to spend the day in a tree. And given the amount of interactivity at the event, he just might have gotten that chance.

Arbor and Tree Care Industry is Serious Business

The arbor and tree care industry is serious business. The people in the industry care about the safety of their employees, about protecting the trees they trim, prune, and fell, and about growing their businesses and providing employment opportunities for others.


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