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The Keystone Fuel Card

Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. now offers a cash-secured fuel card so owner/operators and small trucking fleets have access to the same great fuel discounts as the big trucking companies. 

Why Use a Fuel Card?

Fuel is one of the main cost components of operating a trucking company and it can be difficult to manage those costs. But using a fuel card can provide significant savings on nearly every gallon of diesel fuel you pump. Especially when you use a fuel card that doesn’t require hefty fees. 


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The Keystone Fuel Card for Truckers

Keystone has partnered with industry leader TransConnect Services (TCS) to provide a fuel card with some of the highest per-gallon savings in the industry, putting you on a level playing field with the big fleets. In addition to significant discounts the program includes:


  • No activation, membership, monthly or annual fees.
  • No transaction fees at in-network locations - more than 2,000. 
  • Accepted at more than 12,000 locations across the U.S. and Canada.
  • Mobile app for easy access and visibility.
  • Interactive fuel finder map to make it easy to find fuel savings while on the road.
  • Easy-access client portal so you can view all your account information.
  • Itemized statements for easy compliance with IFTA reporting.
  • 24/7 customer service.


In- Network Fuel Partners 

How the Keystone Fuel Card Works

  1. Sign up online at no cost.
  2. Fund your card through Zelle®, ACH credit, bank wire, Western Union. 
  3. Track your spending and your savings through the customer portal.


Calculate Your Potential Savings


*Calculations are based on actual TCS client in-network transactions for Q2 2024. 

Start saving money. Get your Keystone Fuel Card today.