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Arbor Equipment Financing

commercial tree cutting & arbor equipment financing

Commercial Arbor Equipment Financing – Building a Sustainable Future

Tree care and removal companies play an important role in today’s environmentally conscious world. With almost 50,000 people working as arborists, tree trimmers and pruners, it’s a highly competitive industry. Having the right commercial arbor equipment is critical for your success; so access to predictable, affordable arbor equipment financing is important for your company to thrive.

Whether you’re looking for heavy equipment financing to support the purchase of a bucket truck or chipping and grinding equipment, our tree service equipment financing options offer you a solution. As a leading provider of small business equipment financing loans, Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. delivers funding for used and new arbor equipment.

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Key Benefits of Commercial Arbor Equipment Financing Programs

Few small businesses have sufficient cash to buy the equipment they need. Even when you do have funds, spending your cash to buy equipment can leave you short for daily operations or emergencies. This makes business equipment financing an obvious choice. Benefits associated with using funding solutions for arbor equipment purchases include: 

  • Working effectively within your budget. 
  • Safeguarding your cash flow for opportunities or unforeseen expenses. 
  • Regular payments with fixed interest rates that won’t change over time. 
  • Owning modern, up-to-date technology and equipment. 

Financing your tree service and wood-chipping machinery, trucks, and trailers through a commercial equipment loan from Keystone allows you to stay one step ahead of your competition. 


How to Get Approved for Commercial Arbor Equipment Financing

Every arbor equipment financing transaction begins with a credit application. You can apply online using our confidential application process. Our professional staff takes a hands-on approach to every application we receive, so you can expect a rapid response from a knowledgeable individual.  


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