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Waste Equipment Financing


How Waste Equipment Financing Supports Sustainability


The U.S. produces 268 million tons of waste every year. Office buildings, schools, stores, hotels, restaurants, and other buildings all generate significant amounts of discarded materials. Proper disposal of waste is essential to all business operations. All companies need to address how to manage waste removal.

As a result, waste removal and its management are essential to the economy. As a specialist in waste equipment financing, Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. provides funding for new and used equipment. We finance everything from front, side, and rear-load trucks to walking floor trailers, roll-off trucks, containers, and carts. In fact, we can help you finance your entire waste equipment fleet at affordable rates. With access to customized equipment financing options, you’ll be able to collect, transport, and process waste materials efficiently and profitably.

Benefits of Waste Equipment Financing

Almost 8 in 10 U.S. companies use business equipment financing to get the assets they need to operate and grow, according to the Washington-based Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA).

The benefits of using equipment financing to acquire waste handling equipment include:

  • Operating within a consistent budget.
  • Freeing up cash for revenue-producing activities.
  • Payments that match your company’s cash flow.
  • Investing in updated technology and equipment.
  • Optimizing your route density and tipping fees.
  • Maintaining compliance with your industry’s waste handling requirements.


Financing your waste hauling trucks, containers and carts with a loan from Keystone allows you to provide your crews with the proper equipment at a fixed rate over a specific timeframe. Regardless of the size of your waste disposal operation, with small business equipment loans, you can purchase the right equipment to build your company’s service area.


Things to Consider When Applying for Waste Equipment Financing


Before you apply for an equipment loan for your waste operation, you should consider the following factors:

  • How long do you expect to keep the equipment? This will help you determine your term and what your monthly payments will be.
  • How hard will the equipment need to work? If you’re financing a commercial truck for the business, what is the average monthly mileage of your existing vehicles?
  • What are the best terms for your financial circumstances?


Get the answers to all your questions from the experts in equipment financing for the waste industry – Keystone Equipment Finance Corp.

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