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Frequently Asked Questions

General Queries

What do you need to get started?

A: Application and most recent 3 months bank statements


What type of equipment do you finance?


A: We finance a variety of equipment in the transportation, construction, arbor and waste industries, as well as some other heavy equipment. If you want to know about a specific piece or type of equipment, call us at 1-800-444-8333 or complete the contact us form. We’ll discuss it with you.


Do you finance for start-up companies?


A: Yes.



How old can the equipment be?


A: That depends on the type of equipment and how extensively it’s been used. If you are considering a used equipment purchase, give us a call and we’ll discuss options.


What is a typical down payment?


A: Down payments range, depending on the credit worthiness of the borrower, but can range anywhere from 10-30%. And if you want to refinance your existing equipment with the purchase of a new or used piece, we can refinance the existing equipment and provide 100% financing on the purchased equipment.


Can we finance an engine rebuild?


A: Yes.


Can we borrow money against our existing equipment?


A: Yes, provided you have equity in the equipment.


What are your loan rates and terms?


A: Loan rates and terms vary depending on the credit worthiness of the borrower and the age and condition.


How do you determine credit worthiness?


A: We use credit bureau reports, bank statements and the value of the equipment being purchased – essentially character, cash flow and collateral.


How long does the finance process take?


A: The process typically takes 24-48 hours, from time of application to funding, as long as all paperwork and insurance information has been provided.

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