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Used Commercial & Industrial Equipment Financing

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Used Commercial Equipment Financing Benefits

Investing in new equipment can impact your cash flow significantly, and costs are continually increasing. But buying new equipment isn’t always the best option, and you can often get good deals on used equipment. Sometimes these deals include almost-new items selling for a fraction of the original price or pre-owned, well-maintained equipment with low mileage or hours. It can be possible to outfit your entire operation with affordable, high-quality assets with used equipment financing. 

As a leading equipment finance company, we understand your reasons for wanting to buy used vehicles and machinery. We support your efforts to maximize your return on investment and recognize the many advantages achieved with this strategy. 


Advantages of Buying Used Industrial Equipment

  • Paying a lower initial purchase price. The main reason for lower pricing is that new equipment depreciates rapidly, and the previous owner will have absorbed that cost. Your equipment purchase budget goes further and you can increase production levels, and boost profitability. 
  • Avoided depreciation. Asset depreciation begins immediately after a piece of equipment is put into service. On new equipment, this depreciation hit happens the moment it leaves the dealer's lot. Buying used equipment means that a portion of the depreciation has already been realized. 
  • Lower sales taxes. Sales tax is based on the purchase price. The lower the price, the lower the taxes. This creates additional savings to use towards fleet maintenance or for buying other equipment. 
  • Faster availability. New equipment sometimes incurs a delay in delivery while suppliers wait for inventory to arrive. With used equipment, you’re usually able to take delivery almost immediately. 
  • Ideal for short-term use. With the speed at which technology progresses, many companies only keep their equipment for specific periods before upgrading to more advanced options. Well-maintained, pre-owned equipment can offer the same years of reliable service as new items for a smaller financial outlay. 


At Keystone, we understand the benefits of investing in used equipment. Whether you’re implementing a new business initiative, updating your operations, or expanding your client list, our used equipment loans can help you achieve your goals. 


Applying for Used Commercial Equipment Financial Loans

After considering the pros and cons of buying new equipment vs. used, it’s time to evaluate your funding options and explore used equipment loan terms. These depend on several factors, including the age and condition of the equipment you want to purchase, your credit history, and your cash flow situation.  


Locate the Right Commercial Equipment Funding Partner

The knowledgeable team at Keystone will help you determine the best type of loan for your business goals and equipment needs. Whether you are looking for used construction equipment financing, used truck and trailer financing, or any other used rolling stock, Keystone can help. 

Keystone provides used equipment financing for a variety of industries and equipment with options such as fixed interest rates, seasonal payment structures, and flexible payment terms. Apply online, contact a real person by phone, or contact us to get started. 

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