Box Truck Basics

Posted by Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. on Oct 2, 2023 8:40:40 AM

The right box truck empowers you to transport goods when and how you need them. For some, a box truck can double as a production...

The right box truck empowers you to transport goods when and how you need them. For some, a box truck can double as a production center or workshop, making it possible to conduct business directly from your work truck.

By understanding the different kinds of box trucks, how they can benefit your company, and your best financing options, you put yourself on the road to owning a powerful business resource.


Exploring the Types of Box Trucks

Some of the most common kinds of box trucks include standard and utility vehicles:

  • Standard box trucks feature a cargo area that you can use for a variety of purposes. They’re best for companies that may use the truck in several different ways, such as delivering goods of different sizes as well as setting up temporary workshops for different kinds of jobs. For additional utility, shelving can be added to enhance storage capacity and limit cargo shifting while driving.
  • Utility box trucks. Utility box trucks are different in that they’re often intended for a more specific purpose. As a result, they may include specific types of racks for equipment. They may also have compartments that contractors, electricians, and other service professionals use to store tools and inventory.

You can also get box trucks that are designed for a very specific purpose. For instance, food companies may want to add a refrigerated box truck to their fleet. Some service or product providers may also choose to purchase a box truck with a door that opens on the side. For example, a door opening on the right may make it easier to unload goods straight to a sidewalk instead of lugging them out the back before getting them to a safer location.

The Types of Businesses That Use Box Trucks

Box trucks aren’t just for moving companies. Many different kinds of service-based businesses can use box trucks to better meet the needs of customers and employees. You can ask the following questions to see if you need a box truck:

  • Do I need to transport materials or equipment to customers’ homes or places of business?
  • Do I often find myself heading back to my place of business or my shop to grab something I need?
  • Do I want to be able to provide completely remote services to my customers, taking advantage of a “workshop-on-wheels?”

Important Considerations: Ramps and Lift Gates

For many box truck shoppers, ramps and lift gates are a primary consideration because they provide enhanced accessibility and ease of use. If you’ll be transporting large, bulky or heavy goods, these features may be especially helpful. Also, regardless of the weight of your cargo, ramps and lift gates can make the lives of your employees easier, and safer.

Box Truck Financing

For many business owners, dropping a load of cash on a box truck doesn’t make financial sense. Either your budget doesn’t have room for a big one-time purchase, or you’ve already earmarked those funds for something else. This is where financing can streamline your path to ownership.

By financing equipment, you can keep your spending under control while still growing your business.

Keystone understands the difficulties of small business owners who need a box truck but don’t want to pay a lot of money all at once. Our financing solutions give you the flexibility you need to get the truck that’s best for your business without compromising your budget. Connect with Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. today to see your financing options today.