8 Podcasts For Truckers

Posted by Keystone Equipment Finance Corp. on Sep 5, 2023 12:49:37 PM

Podcasts offer numerous benefits for individuals on the road. Whether you listen for the purpose of entertainment, education,...

Podcasts offer numerous benefits for individuals on the road. Whether you listen for the purpose of entertainment, education, news, passive listening, or personal development – they are easily accessible.

Many of Keystone's customers are in the trucking industry and travel long hours during the work week. In this blog, we share our compiled list of podcasts to help entertain and educate you during those long rides.


Trucking Industry

The Trucking Podcast ( Trucking After Hours): a new podcast launched earlier this year, hosted by experienced father-and-son trucking duo Buck and Don Ballard. This new show discusses trucking, business, pickups, cars, and life outside the truck.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts

Trucking For Millenials: Aimed at younger truckers and those considering a career in trucking, this podcast discusses industry challenges, tips, and opportunities for growth.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube

RedEye Radio: A nationally syndicated radio show that covers trucking news, entertainment, and interviews with experts in the industry. The show airs Monday-Friday from midnight to 5:00 a.m.

Available On: Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio


Pardon My Take – Barstool Sports: a comedic sports podcast hosted by Dan "Big Cat" Katz, and PFT Commenter. In each episode, hosts dive into the latest stories and news from the sporting world.

Available On: Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Amazon Music, YouTube

The Bill Simmons Podcast- The Bill Simmons Podcast is the most popular and downloaded sports podcast and features lots of great guests - celebrities, athletes, and media staples. If you are a sports fan, then this podcast is a must-listen.

Available On: Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube


Stuff You Should Know: a podcast that educates listeners on a variety of topics ranging from science and history to pop culture and conspiracy theories.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcast, iHeart Radio, Stitcher, Pandora

Overheard At National Geographic: Immerse yourself in the captivating world of National Geographic, bringing conversations straight from headquarters. Listen in as explorers, photographers, and scientists recap their adventures and findings.

Available On: Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, iHeart Radio



Bill’s Monday Morning Podcast: If you love stand-up comedy, you’ll like this podcast! During each one-hour episode, comedian and actor Bill Burr speaks without reservation and off-the-cuff about his past and recent experiences, current events, going on tour, sports, and offers advice to questions submitted by listeners.

Available On: Spotify, Apple Podcast, SoundCloud, YouTube

Overall, podcasts offer a versatile and engaging way to make the most of travel time, making long journeys more enjoyable, informative, and enriching. We hope these suggestions provide entertainment for Keystone's truck drivers and anyone in the transportation industry.